Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tehipite Fish edition

While my buddy and I were in Tehipitie Valley, one of the most remote places to trek to in the sierras, I made an edition of cyanotypes of the skeletons from a fish I had caught.
During the trip, I took time out to expose many sheets of the material, but this was the first edition I tried to produce.
With the variables of the sun and the depths of the such a steep wall'd canyon, I discovered how hard it was to keep a consistent exposure as well as the placement of the skeleton under the glass.
I ended up with 12 complete sets of the fish to make the edition.
I'm sure even though Lou was like "Woh thats cool" I think it was more like, "I knew you were sicko!" saving the bones to that fish.
Actually it was pretty funny. I caught that fish more up stream while we were at Blue Canyon Falls and I draped the remains of the fish near where Lou was sleep for the night because i didn't"t want them near me...
In the morning he said a Skunk was by his Sleeping bag trying to reach the skeleton in the manzanita bush but couldn't reach it...
"Dude you didn't smell Him"!