Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Many polyhedrons in my mind.

This past summer was filled with much research for work in progress and future things to come. Some minor break-throughs at the moment. Some finally led to major changes in translating emotions in the mind and objects i see. Two sculptures that I was fabricating early in the year became somewhat stalled by roadblocks planned last year with no procedure to jump start them other than stay the course. Summer came and zoom, i'm in the mountains playing out the process and searching for the zone that has no name. Lots of experiments with desperate elements to finally a spark of something. A slight mundane image, an another everyday shape, tweak, collage and my mind is making sense of it all, like a kit-bashed element of a De Chirico painting, inner-laid in a "Florentine cabinet of curiosity". Somehow it feels right, the emotion of how it fits. The photos transform into textures. Subtle reverse spatial dimensions.