Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Multiple Construct 1-5

After returning from my two and half week adventure into the high country, in the studio i feel very inspired to be immersed in all the projects. Without a stutter, like i hadn't been away, I went straight to work mounting the gun blued hinges. after a quick finish sanding and layout of the parts in there right sequence i began epoxying them onto each leaf of each book sculpture. Using 5 minute epoxy helps with to keep the process going at a reasonable pace. after each of the 5 pieces were assembled i could allow them to cure and then edge sand each to an edge square. next, tomorrow i'll head to the plastic shop to buy the .030 sheet styrene and start annoying Bill to gain access to the vacuform machine and produce the 10 reliefs for the outside pages of the 5 unit multiple.