Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Evolution Book

I decide the other day that the book that is now called Evolution needed a slip cover. The name came about sence most of the imagery came from that segment of the JMT that I hiked this summer. I started off by making the cover with a 1/4 euro-ply and veneering the inside with Topographic maps of Evolution Basin. These maps were printed with my Epson 2200 printer on Matte Hahnemuhle paper. After all the insides were finished I need to decide on an exterior veneer. Hmm... that was tough, but I came up with some fine pieces of Quarter sawn Eucalyptus. Good thing I have lots of clamps. The process has taken all week with careful glueing of all the surfaces so not to get glue on sides not meant for glue.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

landscape book

The book is going well but making the pages has become tedious and drawn out. Each page takes a day at least to make, thats one side of the page. Once I started to gluing down the leaves and dirt from the trail I need to press it under some heavy things like paint cans and tools.
Its been hard today to get anything done Reba has been nervous keeping an eye on Luna in the shop and studio. Luna keeps wanting to eat the scraps of paper and glue on the floor... total puppy.

Monday, January 5, 2009


Snow, glorious snow!
I don't have to go to work;
I don't have a job.

Guest post
John Marsh
freelance writer, Seattle WA