Friday, July 29, 2011


While walking home from the Peet's coffee the other day with the dogs i found a strange Lego toy ship.
An idea sparked.
A kit bash of urban landscape style collaged withe the organic dyaramic-scapes i've been experimenting.
Recent visit to Chicago and the skyscrapers there.
The syntheses of man versus nature.
Without nature however man does not exist.
However does the definition of what nature is now exist because of man?
How we perceive nature is our nature?
Can Nature out perceive the use of man as an organism.
Are we an Organism or a virus in nature.
Or to nature.

Friday, July 22, 2011


A small landscape sculpture "Miners Flat" was included by surprise into the recent show at the Bedford Gallery.
Outlandish is a fun show and I'm excited that Carrie asked me to be apart of it.
Miners Flat is a small wall mount that is somewhat a surreal depiction of a favorite place i like to hike to and fly fish.
The place has lots of solitude and really allows me to forget where i'm at and be in the moment.
Its a place that my friend Aram and I seem to always discuss when ever we talk, wether its on the phone or drinking coffee.
A place that demands physical rigor to reach but a zen mindset to achieve. A place where everyone is welcome but no one can fully understand or grasp. Each visit its true nature eludes, and only sometimes reveals a glimmer of hidden truths for the observant. A river elusive.
Outlandish @ Bedford Gallery