Saturday, December 31, 2011

Along the Silver Trail

Finished up the latest book sculpture construction.
Now I have been setting up for the photo shoot in the studio.
The Barrel hinges are seeming to work well on this piece.
Sometimes they tend to be quite sticky.
The Anigre really glistens when the light is at different angles.
Almost becoming 3 dimensional in contrast to the inlay photograph.
The tunnel section on the left took some experimenting in how it would fold out of the recess in the book box.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Finishing the finish.

Why is the finish always the hardest part?
A bit of dust and its sand out and re-finish.
With the pressure of top coat perfection, i'm trying to finish these three pieces for a set studio visits next month.
The cold weather doesn't help.
Letting the finish warm up encourages the flow out greatly.
It's an old So-Cal Hot-rod'r trick from the days of laying lacquer.
Get the formula hot and it will flow...
So flow she goes.
The cover is a combination of Birdseye maple, Ebony and photograph inlay.
Making the layer sanding even more difficult these layer react to the finish in their own ways.
Just don"t breath on it...