Sunday, November 7, 2010

Accordion landscape books

After the Unbound book show at the Bedford Gallery in Walnut Creek, I wanted to get my good pal Eduardo to work his magic taking some nice photographs of them.
He's really a natural at making things really look beautiful.
Being that the books when unfolded are about 60 inches long the task of lighting as well as having enough space to lay them out for a picture was an overwhelming task to take on. The image of Evolution a book that comprises images and objects embedded to the surface, represents a section of the John Muir Trail that Mary and I passed through two years ago on our JMT trek.

The other book is about the same length and has imagery of the sky during the day on one side then the opposite side has the night sky. Layer'd on top are topographic renderings of the Waterscape and Florascape delineations in terms of who they are distinguished on the USGS maps.

Monday, June 7, 2010

White-out project.

Organs of a body.
Snow fields existed.
Feeders of a landscape.

Rich bio mass, cascading.
An eco system chain linked.
Dependent on a source.

Dihydrogen monoxide,
Frozen at elevation.
Fluid flowing below.

Solid white opaque.
Fluid clear copious.
Shapes like organs, feed the landscape.

"white-out" correction fluid on maps and photographs.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Shift in thought...

Things were just going stale.
fur rubbed the wrong way?
i need a clincher.

Too easy.
Conceptually it worked, but in visual form... Bla!
So what, Who cares!

OK you hiked the JMT and your making art about it.
It was only a couple hundred miles in a few weeks.
Big deal...

Something risky was needed.
Like parking a 63 vette
in a bus zone risky.

like the take of a Yuba rainbow,
Bang! Bing! Zoom!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


the past few months have been very busy with another column box like the Polyhedron piece from last month. The redwood Burl veneer'd onto the column came out great and the doors are hinged into place. After 4 coats of semi-gloss urethane i can now start working with the kinetic polyhedrons Ii want to instal inside. many are made already i just needed to veneer the outside of the box. During the time spent waiting for the finish on the redwood burl to dry in this rainy weather I finished printing a photographic piece that is like an inventory of field research trips to the rivers I hike and fish at no and then. The photos are of trout, trout and intimate close ups of experience in the landscapes. Often during these field trips I find the aquatic insects the rivers entomology of quite an interest. Screening the water as it rushes by and examining the insects in there different stages add to my inventories and understanding of the place.

I found a great source for some of the small scale objects that i've been using as elements for the sculptures in the box's. When I was visiting with my father we drove to a model shop that specialized in scale trains. While lurking around looking at all of the train models I noticed a few model building that you can make. Immediately I had a few ideas for them and bought them. They seemed somewhat expenceive at the time, then later when I realized that I might need a few more, i began to cruz the internet and found a few sources a bit cheaper than the train store I found the first ones at.