Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cyanotypes while fishing not catching.

Bill and i went fishing last friday. While the fishing was tough, we did almost catch a few nice trout on the Yuba River. During the mid day slack/seventh inning stretch was coming in we stopped fishing. While the fishes took there mid day nap, Bill and I broke out with the art supplies.
In anticipation of this moment to make art on the river, i made the night before a small proof plate to press small samples of flora that lies around the rivers high water mark and river bed. Taking turns, we made a bunch of prints, rinsing them in the sparse shade of some willows.
i'm curious to see how i may incorporate the images that i made. Maybe i'll scan some of them and fold them into some of the geometric shapes I've been using. tThe rich blue could be a nice contrast in some of my landscape sculptures where i have been using the close up images of the trout bodies.