Monday, November 7, 2011

JMT Broadside Collaboration

Mary and I started the broadside project we had been talking about for a while.
Mary took an official class using a very nice letter press at KALA in Berkeley a few months ago.
For the class project she used our idea of combining drawings turned into linocuts and my Haiku that were written about our trek on the John Muir Trail.
The first experiment for the project came back with great results.
The image Mary translated of one of our campsites and the Haikus she set in type worked out great for our first glimpse at the idea.
Over the weekend I deviled back into old journals from the trip two years ago already, and began to assemble the many Haiku made during the trip. I pined them up on the wall and Mary in the same token assembled watercolors and drawings from her journals that she did from the same trip.
With a starting point of maybe 20 to 25 images and 30 to 40 Haikus we can then form them together to make 10 individual broadsides.
Then possibly work towards an edition.
Fingers crossed, no ego.