Monday, January 3, 2011

Inventoried Range of Light, Explorations on The John Muir Trail. artSite @ Bedford Gallery, Walnut Creek.

Today was the day to meet up with Erik at the Bedford gallery and start installing my modest installation display of specimens , journals and a out of the comfort zone, iMove in the artSite space today.
We, being Mary and I spent last night working blindly on a "iMovie" for the video monitor thats in the space. trying to create an iMovie when your under the gun and the night before you're installing the piece is tempting the Gods, however somehow we worked through the learning curve, throwing out only 5 DVD's, and came up with something that actually worked and looks really great in the space. Its basically a dissolve of photographs that I had taken over the past three years of trips on the John Muir Trail. mMany with Mary over the 200+ miles together.
The other element in the space is a display of specimens taken while on the trail in the wilderness regions that the JMT traverses through. This means while I was in the National parks I only took photo's not specimens. Along with the specimens is an accordion Journal made while on the trips that have photos and watercolor paintings of places along the way as well as write'n entries about our trek from day to day, and two manipulated photographs in the Lyle Canyon section of the JMT. When collecting the specimens together for the piece I had not really thought of ever showing them before so aligning them in order of collection and place was more tedious than I first thought it would be. Once I set up a system, however the chore became more bearable than it first seemed.