Sunday, November 23, 2008

Journaling Along

A book in my pocket to capture my thoughts.
Sometimes an idea.
Sometimes I just free flow daydream in my journal.
Over coffee at my office in the afternoon.
Using different colored pens.
When I hike or I’m backpacking in the wilderness.
I like to cut out pages.
I like to paste in images.
I take pictures of my day.
They help illustrate what I find curious.
I cut shapes out that represent things in the landscape.
The horizon-line.
Shapes of snowfields or glaciers.
Things that might disappear in the future.
A favorite lake along the trail.
Sometimes I’m aggravated when a friend asks me a dumb obvious question.
Sometimes my dumb question makes the obvious more so.
This leads to more pages of writing.
More trips to the office.
More cups of coffee.
Sometimes I just try to forget its name.
See it for the first time again.
Use a different pen today.
Draw a new fly I tied today before I go fishing.
Just in case I loose it.
Or it works.
Cut out more pages to make the pictures fit.
Paste and tape.
Getting lost in the craft.
Use the topographic map.
I like lakes but rather fish streams.
The shapes of lakes are beautiful to draw.
And great to swim in.
Streams never rest, they always are on the move.
Even when were not there to witness it.
Oops, back to work.